Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Suggestion to #OccupySeattle's General Assembly


Publicly Owned Park in Central Seattle. Why? Operated by City of Seattle with whom you can probably negotiate successfully. This all depends on whether you can get over the tendency of your central message being dominated by anti-cop or anti Mayor McGinn themes, instead of the more appealing out reaching public message of economic injustice. Or if you continue to be fixated on Westlake Park by letting dogmatic, tedious, chaotic and  buzz killing ideological anarchists influence you, whether they have a big A or small a.

Denny Park has a lot of vehicle traffic passing by, it's near downtown, the financial district and Capitol Hill, public transit and is more vehicle traffic accessible. It has more parking, has trees to shade occupiers from elements, has toilets, it's near MSM outlets, it's in the center of Paul Allenville and it's not Seattle Central Community College. It also has the possibility of better complying with the OWS good neighbor policy. SCCC does not want you and you will be forcing other users of SCCC, like the small community farms that vend there on Sunday as well as other worthwhile community activities, out. Plus SCCC has a daycare facility that would be more or less in the middle of the occupation. That's not outreach or good. In fact it will most likely be considered by the 99% you need to reach as inconsiderate and selfish.

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