Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dump The Public Option In Favor of Being Able To Buy Into Medicare At 55 One Fantastic Idea

And apparently the Blue Dogs actually like it.

Hey if this will fly I say go for it. Not only will it achieve the long desired Democratic Party goal of expanding Medicare to those 55 and older, it will have an favorable immediate impact by providing a tangible easily understandable benefit to people that will help the Democrats at the polls in 2010. For God’s sake this is far better then any public option that been offered so far.

Besides a great number of other direct benefits one can think of with this proposed expansion of the Medicare program the one I, and my daughter, like is that it would allow many older folks to advance their retirements. It seems many American can’t afford to retire because they can’t afford the health insurance cost based on what their potential retirement income would be . With this new early Medicare buy in proposal that may change drastically. Think of the job vacancies created by a wave of retirements, but also by a boom in new jobs created to cater to a vast number of new retirees.

This is a political gold and those on the left who want real health care reform need to be open-mined about dumping the public option if the new Medicare proposal actually becomes viable. It’s not Medicare for all but it’s sure Medicare for a hell of a lot more people. Which maybe the closest thing to Medicare for all on the immediate horizon.

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