Thursday, December 24, 2009

Don't Throw the Baby Out With The Bathwater Just Yet

Where we're at today in the Obama era..

A quote from David Cole's Huffington Post mention and New York Review of books

"Thursday morning--Christmas Eve, that is, just after 7 a.m.--the United States Senate did something it's never done and passed a bill that aims for broad reforms of America's private health-insurers (it also delivers them 30 million new customers over the next decade, a bone of contention on the left). Potential snags exist, to be sure, but in all likelihood Barack Obama will become the first president, out of eight who've tried, to pass large-scale health reform. His presidency is either one-quarter or one-eighth over. Let us say, for argument's sake (because the economy is starting to turn around; and because of the advantages of incumbency), that it is the latter. What have we learned in this first year that might tell us something about the next seven?

Three things, I think. The first is that he's not the liberal tiger some people assumed or hoped he would be. Put aside the contingent of Americans who consider him a Communist. The rest of us should by now, I think, see him as the center-left politician he is, a person whose deepest intellectual conviction is to look skeptically upon conviction. He has, by the way, never said otherwise. If you happened to read The Audacity of Hope, this is the person you encountered."

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