Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Prima-Donna Progressives With Hurt Feelings Decide Not To Vote

Continuing a pre Obama trend…… Or have we not learned anything? For example here in Washington State liberal laziness has most likely placed Referendum 71 in a closer then needed race for approval.

Daily Kos Markos Moulitsas complains that the progressive base didn’t turn out yesterday to vote in large numbers, while the Republican base did, because our feelings were hurt over a perceived lack of progress on major issues we cared about when we all voted in large numbers for Obama in last year's election. If true it really shows that progressives have a perception problem an a very unrealistic view of what is required to bring about major political chance in this country over the long haul, plus their just plain lazy. But, of course if Kos or Huffington Post says it's true then it must be. Every lefty blogger I'm sure will pick up on this shortsighted narrative like the sheep that the conservatives often claims we are.

After all the work of the last few years required in electing a Democratic President I for one have had it with much of the negative bitching and sniping from the left. You’d think nothing has been accomplished. In a continuing sign of the need for instant gratification in every aspect of our life progressives have apparently become disgruntled, having apparently reached the time limit on when their personal political wish lists should have been completed by the new administration and the US Congress.

It seems to me that Liberals and progressives fail to give the Obama administration credit for the progress it has made both in saving the country from complete economic collapse after eight years of the Bush debacle, and historic progress on healthcare reform, mentioning only a few of the accomplishments of the Obama administration in less then a year in office. Instead many progressive and the gay centric blogosphere would rather hang Obama on the cross of you didn’t repeal DADT or DOMA as a litmus test of the success of Obama’s first year in office. As I have said before, gay rights issues are important and crucial but simply not the highest priority given all the major issues and crises which this country faces at this moment in history including two wars.

Kos attempts to make its point with nonsense like, “If you forget why you were elected -- health care, financial services, energy policy and immigration reform -- you will lose votes.” Since when has the Obama administration forgotten about these issues? Last time I looked there has been major and historic progress made on health care and the other issue mentioned are certainly in the hopper. Once again showing that Kos apparently does not have a full understanding of the political process involved. Sure there have been some missteps and false starts by the Obama Administration. But, given the mess they inherited only the unreasonable would not give them credit for what they have done.

Rome wasn’t fucking build in a day folks! I’m sick and tired of all this BS coming from the likes of Kos, Americablog and Arianna Huffington and the rest of the Obama whine filled liberal blogs. It’s one thing to hold the President’s and the Congress’s feet to the fire, its another thing to enable progressive's apathy, bitching or excuses for not showing up to vote based on some exaggerated perception that your not getting your way on your pet issues you think deserve special priority. We should be looking to were we'd like to be in 4 years for god's sake.

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