Sunday, November 22, 2009

Giving The Devil The Benefit Of The Law

There has been much whining by the usual suspects on the right about Attorney General Holder's decision to try certain al Oaeda plotters in the Federal Court in New York. What fear driven poppycock. These fear filled Republicans embolden the terrorists with their hysterical outbursts and demonstrations. You'd think that these criminals had the power to walk through walls after listening to these Republicans.

Last night I happened to be watching the 1966 Movie, A Man For All Seasons, and one particular scene in the movie pops up where the magnificent actor Paul Scofield, who plays Sir Thomas More, explains the power of law over the ever changing whims of people to just take the course of least resistance when considering justice. I said that the scene dialogue explains wonderfully why these men must be tried in open court even if they are devils. Yes devils they may be but they have the right to the laws of this land.

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