Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Democrats Should Do About The McCain Scandal

For Democrats it’s time to take the high ground. Perhaps Johnny boy had an affair. But who really cares? I don’t want to be the sex police when it comes to McCain or anyone else. It is not my business to question whether he broke his vows to his wife or not. It simply not anyone’s business what John McCain does behind close doors or on corporate jet trips.

The NYT story made me reflect back on the Bill Clinton and Monica scandal. I felt it was unfair for partisan Republicans to attempt to impeach Clinton for what was a rather stupid sexual indiscretion. It seemed stupid of Bill Clinton that he would get involved in something that would risk his reputation and legacy. History shows that such sex scandals are nothing new or for that matter that unusual.

The Clinton sex scandal more importantly raised certain questions about his ability, in his last two years as president, to effectively move forward the Democratic agenda. But again the sexual aspects of it were really not anyone's business outside the Clinton household.

The question remains for anyone attempting to judge McCain’s alleged sexual indiscretions is would you want your sex life to be judged in a similar way if you were caught in a similar situation?

I think the more important concern is did the alleged relationship influence McCain in his role as a US Senator and as the then Chairman or the powerful Senate Commerce Committee? The New York Times story really talks more about McCain’s apparent tendency to be blind to being manipulated by lobbyists because of his tendency to be rather arrogant about his image as the uninfluenced untouchable maverick when it comes to his relationship with them. It's the whole strait talk express image which, by the way, is beginning to wear a little thin.

But McCain may have read his own press clippings too much.

I think what's more important is the image of the true McCain that is emerging. I am the all mighty John McCain and how dare you question my integrity on anything. With the militaristic fly boy Johnny is very much about duty honor and integrity 24/7. Even if in the end your probably wrong. Just what we need another arrogant stubborn petulant presidency. This type of behavior got McCain sucked into involvement in the Keating Five scandal that almost cost him his political career a decade ago.

Today he defiantly denied any wrongdoing or that there was any liaison between him and Vicki Iseman the woman and telecommunication lobbyist at the center of the scandal. Time will tell if there is more incriminating evidence to show that Isemen unethically influenced McCain into helping out her corporate clients in the Senate.

McCain has a tendency to take the high ground on issues like torture and campaign financing, opposing tax cuts for the rich or accepting federal funding of his campaign only to crumble when it appears to be politically unpopular to the Republican base or his chances to be elected president.

So much for McCain being a REAL maverick.

When he is confronted about the apparent hypocrisies he gets angry that anyone would question his motives his honor or his integrity, a McCain personality trait that could prove fatal to his run for the presidency.

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