Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Vote For Clinton Is A Vote For More Of The Same Old Shit

Do cheese heads in Wisconsin stand in the last gateway to a new and better future for liberal politics?

The horse race narrative loving media is giddy over the fact that the Clinton campaign has returned to the full contact Clinton school of below the belt politics. The producers over at CNN and MSNBC see it as a sure ratings booster and the end that justify the means I'm sure. F#*k journalistic relevancy fairplay or the good of the country. It's Bill finger waging, Hillary, Monica, Whitewater, the Clintons, Chelsea's honor and the rest of the whole freaking stupid Clinton dynasty soap opera.

Screw the real issues!

Like this asinine non-substantive argument generating from Clinton communication director Howard Wolfson and others about the supposed meaning of Barak Obama alleged plagiarism of a colleague’s speech.

This is total horse shit. How many poor people or workers is this waste of time helping? None.

But with the Bill and Hillary the facts are not really important. Which is of course Obama’s often made point. Sure Obama gives good speeches but his website and recently release follow up economic plans have reforced his rhetoric on exactly where he stands on the main issues of the day. These meat on the bones positions papers have existed from the beginning of his campaign on the web. If you listen to Clinton you'd think that being able to inspire people is a negative.

This ignores the fact that the bully pulpit of the president of the United States is often how things really change in this country. The president must have the ability to do the heavy lifting with presidential rhetoric as well as the political back room arm twisting. If a president can inspire and motivate people with speeches in favor of his ideas then he can also get his legislation passed by the congress.

The often-used Hillary argument over the difference in health care plans is at best nothing more then a hair splitting spin fest. Many experts actually think the Obama plan is better and god knows what either plan will look like once it has been through the congress in two years.

The Clinton message seem to be we need more of the same. And don’t get your hopes up either. Apparently vision hope and change is not that important if you listen to the Billary campaign machine rhetoric. More of the same old divisive them vs. us bullshit is just fine with them.

How dare we have dreams or actually be able to articulate them! More of the same infighting is what we need.

Yesterday Clinton attacked Obama for not agreeing to use Federal campaign financing, which he inferred he would consider last year. It so happens to also be the same spin the McCain campaign used to attacks Obama. Apparently the Clinton argument now is the that the Democratic nominee should be just as hamstrung as the Republican candidate when it comes to finance their campaign in the general election.

Bull shit.

Hillary co-ops the Republican argument to make political points knowing she wouldn’t agree to being limited in fund raising herself if the shoe were on the other foot in the general election. Just win the nomination baby and that crap will be out the window.

The Clintons are so desperate to maintain what they see as their rights as aire to the presidential throne that they will do and say anything. Frankly I can now see more clearly why the Republicans are so polarized against them.

Today there’s a story surfacing that the Clintons want to turn this into a knife fight by not honoring the loyalty of even the pledge delegates. Making overtures that they would attempt to get them to flip prior to or at the convention. The will of the voters who elected these pledge delegates is not to be honored because winning is everything.

Personally you’d have to rip my arm from my body and hold it in the air to get me to change my allegiance from Obama to Clinton were I a pledged delegate that made it to Denver. That’s unless I got offered the ambassadorship to the Republic of Ireland. Not!

I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in the politics of phony pandering anymore with the Clinton style of post feminist subtle under tones of racial or gender dividing. Take your Kevlar pantsuit-wearing ass out of here please. Haven’t your boomer generation based methods of dividing the electorate into camps done enough to totally gridlock the system already? It time for us citizens to move it on down the road when it comes to control of the government and the political parties.

Not only I’m I tried of the same old stupid arguments supporting the same right wing nuts, but I’m sick of the same old tired sixties era hair splitting arguments coming from the hacks on the left too. This means you. Get over yourselves for god sake for the good of the country the world and future generations. This is the same old politically divisive shit that the Clintons embody and continue to promulgate ad infinitum.

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