Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Same Old Folks Doing The Same Old Things Won’t Do Anymore Or Why Overwhelming Pent-Up Demand For Change Should Carrying Obama To The Nomination

"This is our moment".

Apparently few in the old guard press or the entrenched political establishment get it and of course there's those women over fifty, Chis Matthews and Catholics who, according to exit polls, continue for some reason to support her highness Hillary even though she's supports a woman right to choose.

How could this upstart Senator from Illinois actually win the Democratic Party’s nomination? Daily expressions of astonishment from those inside the mental beltway indicate just how out of touch they are with the powerful political undertow that is now at the gates of the palace demanding a fundamental change in the way our government operates. How could this of happened?

WELL WERE SICK OF IT. We’ve had enough and we are showing up at the polls in record numbers desperate to take back our beloved country from the robber barons, phony politicians, party hacks, fringe groups, social conservatives, religious fanatics, gay bashers, jingoists and their big media lackeys, and the Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush Clinton line of succession.

Has a broad throw the bums out movement finally bubbled to the surface and taken form? I think the answer in part is yes and it may not be limited to the occupant of the White House. But there are certainly forces that are also serendipitously at work here that involve the timing and times and the ebbing of the boomer generation's power.

Because we all know that the presidency is not the only place where change is needed. In fact change is needed across the board. Harry Reid would be a good place to start in the Senate. How ineffective and useless has he been? Hopefully he'd be replaced by another democrat with a backbone and who hasn't been bought and sold by big business.

Barak Obama has masterfully tapped into this feeling for change in the country and he has become its standard bearer. The voters have demonstrated they do not want the same old cast of characters anymore and that they are willing to trust this relatively young and inexperienced principled idealistic young Senator from Illinois with the fate of the nation.

A big part of Obama's appeal is based in the perception that he is has not been jaded by years of political infighting and debauchery in Washington, DC. "They want me to wait till they've stew and boiled the hope out of me" Obama often points out in his stump speech. He also talks of Martin Luther King's reference to the "urgency of now".

After years and years of extremely bad government is it any wonder why this is happening. But the pundits and hack politicians who help create the mess just don’t get it. Stuck in their self-fulfilling echo chamber of divisive sound bites and gridlock politics they accept the broken process as the gold standard. They accept the politics as usual as the normal. They guard their mediocrity as if it were the arch of the covenant. They accept failure and government incompetence as the norm. They defend the reprobate politicians and spawn and promulgate their continuing existence and hold on power.

Meanwhile we have watched the leaders of this country for the last quarter century, both Republican and Democrat become more and more out of touch with the real aspirations of the people.

Let them eat tax rebates!

They often act oblivious to the obvious grievances of the people. It appears to the average American that nothing is really being done. We are fed up and we want something better. Isn't this one of the recurring American narratives of ridding ourselves of the rot at the top.

I think of supporters at the Obama victory speech after the Iowa caucuses chanting at the top of the lungs WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE. Who wouldn’t after looking at the list below. Maybe we have finally had enough.

  • Were is Osama Bin Laden
  • It's the economy stupid
  • Endless war and confusing military priorities
  • Bombing or innocent civilians during military operations
  • Supporting despotic leaders
  • Ignoring the constitutional
  • Ineffective Foreign Policy
  • Progress on domestic security
  • No health care
  • Unchecked domestic spying on citizens
  • The destruction of our environment
  • No national progress towards energy independence
  • Widespread government corruption, scandals and inefficiencies
  • Racial, gender and sex discrimination
  • The intrusion of religion in the matters of the state
  • Loss of our moral standing in the world
  • Disintegration of our public schools and failing students
  • Mistreatment of veterans
  • No border security or cohesive policy on immigration
  • Plundering of the treasury
  • Unchecked corporate power
  • Politics based on division
  • Government sponsored torture
  • Regressive Taxes
  • Cohesive national election reform
  • Crumbling national infrastructure
  • Dependence on Automobiles
  • Crime
  • Bad trade policy
  • Protection of the food supply
  • Drug safety
  • Treating illegal drug use as a health issue

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