Sunday, February 17, 2008

Republicans Pin Their Hopes On Hillary

One emerging Republican election strategy may hinge on the hope that Democrats will vote overwhelmingly in the remaining primaries for Hillary Clinton giving her the nomination. Because of the polarizing nature of the Clintons, conservatives are beginning to see it as a possible key to a Republican victory in November. The conservative magazine National Review cover story promoted the idea in the current issue.

How better to unify the party the argument goes than to nominate Hillary.

The fracturing of the Republican Party moderate, right and social conservative wings brought about by the likely nomination of the erratic grump John McCain could quickly heal should Clinton stage a comeback and win the Democratic nomination. Rightwing nuts would once again be energized in defiance at the thought of the Clintons once again occupying the white house. Crossover voting in the primaries could be crucial to making the nominating Clinton strategy viable.

The Wisconsin and Texas elections are open primaries that allow voters to vote for anyone regardless of their present party affiliation while Ohio is a modified primary that requires that the voters change party registration to crossover. The situation could be ripe for Republican cross over voting in these key states therefore rigging the outcome and bringing about what Republicans perceive would be the best match-up against McCain in November.

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