Thursday, February 28, 2008

I’m Off To Texas In The Morning

I’m leaving for Tyler, Texas tomorrow to work on the get out the vote initiative for the Obama Campaign. I plan on being there through election night March 4th. I’m told I’ll be doing some doorbelling, phone banks, poll monitoring, and Texas two step caucus monitoring. In case you live in a closet, the Democratic primary in Texas involves voting in the primary at the polls and returning the night of the election to participate in a party caucus. To be eligible to participate in the caucus phase you have to had voted in the primary. It all seems very convoluted, but it helps having gone through the Washington State “primacacus” that sounds just about as dumb.

This is the Democratic Party establishment’s way of limiting broad based participation pure and simple if you ask me. We have got to get a uniform system established in Washington State before the next presidential elections that will better guarantee voter participation and convenience.

I’ve been boning-up on what’s happening in Texas the last few weeks and trying to read all of the relevant press reports. One great source I’ve found is The Burnt Orange Report. Lots of great stuff about the excitement of the race and the mind blowing early voting turnout plus the Democratic Texas political scene in general. I hope I can get out to hear some music even.

I’ll be taking my camera and hope to be reporting what I can from East Texas. It be great to see Barak himself along the way perhaps. Yes we can!

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