Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clinton’s “Because I’m A Woman” Excuse Gains Popularity

Please don’t hate me in the morning but I got to just say it.

Hillary Clinton does all women a disservice by using surrogates to spin her newest last gasp excuse. Namely that she is losing her bid for the Democratic nomination because she a woman. Unfortunately, women are apparently being sucked into believing this line of crap. During a visit via satellite by Clinton to the Helen Degeneres show Helen led off with this softball question: “do you think your losing because you’re a woman?” Clinton answered by referencing a SNL sketch. “Well, I’ve never been offered a pillow”, apparently referring to a segment of a candidate debate sketch on the show where one of the CNN debate moderators, who is supposedly bias towards Obama, ask if Obama, "would like a pillow".

Her non sequitur answer shows that she would never actually say that she is losing because of her sex. Because the sex discrimination excuse is basically a fallacy and misrepresents the fact that the reason she is losing is because she has not run an effective campaign or given voters more of a reason to vote for her over Barak Obama, and she knows it. This is one more attempt by the Clinton campaign to fly another trial balloon excuse to cover their failures. It also is an attempt to rally the women voters who still harbors hope that Hillary can be elected the first woman president. It goes like this: the poor woman is being picked on by the male dominated world and she need us to support her now. It’s the warm and fuzzy girl power to the rescue strategy.

Clinton’s campaign also has been using the SNL sketch lately, as it’s main proof that the media has been bias to her campaign. Even though it’s theatrical fiction. Sounds hauntingly similar to the broad right wing conspiracy excuse she used when Bill got caught with Monica. But her spinning really doesn’t fly in the originality or bona fides department.

The MSM has even started to echo this pabulum. Every wannabe feminist talking head on TV seem to be inserting the theme into their daily psychobabble. One of them quoted tennis star Billy Jean King as saying that the demise of Clinton meant, “That my life has been a total waste”. Dee Dee Myer, the former Clinton White House press secretary, was on the morning talk show circuit promoting her new book, “Why woman should rule the world”, (funny I thought they already did) and putting forward the glass ceiling for presidential candidates myth.

I agree that in other areas of life there is definitely sex discrimination. But I’m simply not buying that it exists in the field of presidential politics in 2008 that Clinton would like us to buy. The main point is that most people in the media and in the Clinton campaign are reluctant to admit is that she was not a very effective candidate period. Her experience, record and built in Clinton presidential era negatives have lead to her being at the brink of being eliminated.

In the last few days the Clinton campaign has attacked the press for being overly bias to her campaign. The constant whining has been insidious every sense her highness lost the Iowa caucuses. Which actually happened because of overconfidence, being totally out maneuvered by the Obama ground game in Iowa and elsewhere and Obama’s clearer and more inspired message.

Not because she was a woman. Remember she was the overwhelming favorite at the start of the race and the playing field was tilted in her favor by the party establishment. By attacking the press and inserting the gender bias theme she is attempting to paint herself as the poor helpless woman fighting against a overwhelming male establishment. She may try and take that to the bank to save her legacy later. It also devalues the judgment of women who support Obama because they think he the better candidate.

If she continues this tack she’ll do more damage to women's participation in politics in the future. Instead of laying the blame on her incompetence at running an effective campaign against a formidable opponent, overconfidence and lack of a consistent campaign message, she’ll blame it on being born in the wrong body.

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