Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clinton Not Ready On Day One When It Came To Her Own Campaign

Hillary Clinton has set up more firewalls in Texas and Ohio. We find her campaign for the white house these days in full battle stations mode. The “ready on day one” rhetoric aimed at Senator Obama being repackaged and once again redeployed. “All hat and no cattle”, she twanged in San Antonio last night.

To quote Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson "We don't make distinctions between delegates chosen by million of voters in a primary and those chosen between tens of thousands in caucuses. And we don't make distinctions when it comes to elected officials who vote as super delegates at the convention.” Sounds like it a fight to the death even if she doesn’t have the majority of the pledge delegates when she reaches the convention in Denver. She’s been running for president since college so whatever it takes I guess. It’s her imperial right to be the first female president.

I think it’s valid to ask if Clinton was ready on day one in the competence and decision making department on day one of her own campaign. Certainly it’s a valid consideration and an indication of her management skill isn’t it? Was she competent when picking her key campaign advisors and functionaries, several of whom have been fired, and was she competent in developing a winning campaign strategy. Had she not pulled off a miracle win in New Hampshire the election could of been over by now.

She certainly can’t blame her poor results thus far on press or gender bias alone. Especially since the field was tipped severely in her favor from the get go. But, it could be that the real problem is the Clinton brand itself. Politics is like baseball where they fire the manager and not the shitty player.

Clinton has shown poor judgment when dealing with the operation of her campaign and worst judgment in other more serious areas. Like her Iraq war vote and support of Bush and Lieberman with her vote to pave the way to possible war with Iran. Also she takes some of the blame for the failure to bring about national health insurance during her husbands first term.

I think there’s a pattern here. Exercising poor judgment blaming others when results are bad or triangulating that she was somehow hoodwinked by the process.

One of the other new themes of the Clinton Texas Ohio offensive appears to be that Obama is all hope and no substance. Something we’ve heard before. Any voter worth their salt that buys into this one has not been listening to Obama or visited his website where they can find position and proposals on all the major issues of the campaign waiting for their review.

More Clinton hallow rhetoric. Something she excels at. But she wanted to have a conversation with America. I suspect that we should get ready for the conversation to get loud filled with desperation and nasty.

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  1. You're right about her flawed campaign...Obama has, and had from Day One, campaign offices in every state, a feature that is just now being effected in the HC plan.

    (I wish you would emerge from the dark side, Dog,, and make your links, etc. easier to read...)