Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Women Fear The Bradley Effect A Good Cry And A Fairy Tale Help Clinton Political Machine Survive Elimination

To hell with all the crap from Hillary about finding Her voice!

Women in New Hampshire apparently finally got the memo that Hillary needed their help if she was to continue her attempt at becoming the first woman president. Girls got to stand together even if they’re supporting a divisive political hack I guess. A vast majority of women apparently help create the upset and come from behind win for her in Tuesday night’s primary. Women in Iowa who ended up voting mostly for Obama didn't do it in New Hampshire. When all seemed lost and most pundits predicting a large Obama victory Clinton was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and stop the possible extinction of the Clinton political machine for now.

Something I would personally favor because it's time to move on into the future people instead of reliving the past over and over again. Especially since it isn’t working anymore. Move over and let the kids run things. We fucked it up enough. Shouldn't the sixties thing be finished once and for all?

Why were the polls so wrong? Apparently because of something called the Bradley Effect. Named after former LA mayor Tom Bradley. That’s where white people being surveyed apparently lie to the pollsters because they think that they will be perceived to be politically incorrect if they say their not voting for an African American. Weird, shallow and dumb but some professor apparently has dedicated his life to proving it’s real when the worlds align and your also doing a poll before an election where there are black people running for office.

Who knew?

Democrats I’ve talked to like to rail on about all the fear that Bush and his gang use to manipulate their lives. But apparently fear of another attack by terrorists motivated Democrats into voting for Clinton. I suppose because they bought into the Hillary narrative that somehow she’d be tougher than Obama on the terrorist if and when the attack comes.

Hillary had a good cry on Monday too, which got massive play in the mainstream media.
Some accused her of acting. Some say it showed she wasn’t a robot after all and some said she should have been crying every chance she got from the beginning of the campaign. Well it apparently worked. The big cry apparently brought out the needed sympathy vote from women who felt her pain because of their empathetic feelings stemming from experiences having to live with all those dominate males.

Finally there is Bill Clinton’s speech on Monday night about the Obama phenomenon being a fairy tale. In many ways it is a fairy tail, but I thought this would backfire on Clinton because I saw it as a rather positive type of fairy tale. But Bill was of course referring, in a round-about way, to the Clinton talking point that Obama lacked the needed experience to be president immediately and it was risky to buy into the dream that maybe things could really CHANGE for the better if Obama became the nominee. I rather agree with Obama’s position on it when he says that Hillary may have experience but it the wrong kind based on what she’s done with it.

Hillary counts the eight years she was first lady in the white house as foreign affairs experience. I agree with one pundit who said that based on that analogy the pastry chef at the white house during the Clinton years would have as much experience as Hillary. But Bill’s reference to the Obama momentum as a fairy tale was apparently the right metaphor for a fear-ridden electorate of submissive women because they bought into it in sufficient numbers to effect the outcome of the election ever so slightly in Hillary's favor.

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