Monday, January 21, 2008

Who Really Is Running For President Bill or Hillary Clinton?

Nobody is surprised that Bill Clinton is campaigning for his wife. But the problem with Bill Clinton is that most of the time what he says about Barak Obama is exaggerated, taken out of context or completely false.

His attacks on Obama demonstrate very clearly the divisive nature of the Clinton long used practice of the Southern style of good old boy political attacks. Where getting elected is the ultimate goal not necessarily telling the truth when attacking your opponent. The attacks are done in a way where Hillary can deny the collusion completely, call it unfortunate, or just claim ignorance.

"Im not making this up" is the tag line that Clinton likes to use to end an attack du jours on Obama. The problem is that he is usually the one making it all up as he goes. Whether it's an out of context attack on Obama because of his observation on Ronald Reagan, the big fuss Bill made about the caucus voter suppression operations by certain labor unions in Nevada, the MLK controversy, teen drug use, (with it's racial stereotyping), electing Obama would be "rolling the dice" or the big fairy tale comment misrepresenting Obama's record on the Iraq war that he made before the New Hampshire primary.

Most of these statements by Bill were made so late in the particular campaign that it was impossible for the Obama camp to refute them before the actual voting took place. After the election when the damage has been done the accusations are discredited in the press.

The other question that should be asked is who are we really voting for Hillary or Bill? I guess if you want Bill to have a third term your not to concerned about it.

Hillary let's her candidacy be demeaned by letting the potential first husband Bill do all the heavy lifting. Is she really up to being the first woman president or is she too weak to do her own political dirty work in defense of her own political positions? It also raises the question about what role Bill will actually play in a Hillary white house. Will she be able to control him or is he really going to be the shadow president?

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