Saturday, January 26, 2008

There's A Pox On The House Of Clinton

In The South Carolina primary the MSM was wrong and most of all the Clintons were dead wrong in spite of what will be attempts to lower everyone’s expectations about the outcome of the election emanating from the Clintons that are sure to follow in the next few days.

This was a good old country boy ass whipping folks.

The South Carolina exit polls show that Bill and Hillary Clinton’s subtle attempts to make Barak Obama into another Jessie Jackson stereotypical BLACK candidate or bring him down in the political mud where the Clintons reside has failed and perhaps evened backfired.

I think it is because vast numbers of Americans in 2008 apparently don’t care about Obama’s race or care anymore for Bill Clinton’s outdated political campaign shenanigans. Or for that matter for what the Clintons really represent; the past, dirty politics, lying if necessary to get someone to vote for you and political slash and burn divisiveness.

So wake up if you haven’t already and smell the new coffee people!

History may look at this night as the turning point and beginning of the begining of the end of Clinton machine presidential aspirations and the leadership of the Democratic party and the rise of Senator Barak Obama's star as the true, legitimate and viable candidate that actually represents the REAL generational and political change America is demanding in these troubled times.

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