Thursday, January 17, 2008

Progressives Intransigent and Hypocritical About Change?

Maybe it’s time we took a long look in the mirror.

When it comes to real political change many progressives are often extremely intransigent. This often makes them appear cynical and hypocritical to independents and moderates and to younger voters. If you asked a progressive or liberal, about this apparent dichotomy they would probably deny it even exist. Liberals tend to consider themselves open-minded, creative, better educated, more intelligent and cutting edge when their core beliefs are compared to those of their conservative brethren.

This is why so many artists and creative types are often more likely to be liberal then conservative, or tend to be more left leaning then right. It a important part of their creative comfort zone.

Change is good then isn't it?

Apparently change is not good with this crowd. Progressives with superior self-images can be easily spotted. The left wing truth squads. Changing voters one bumper sticker at a time. Change is our mantra. Look at the back end of the vehicles they drive. These are cars with all the high-minded morally superior bumper sticker messages. Frankly they often drive me batty. So much for a waste of free speech.

I’m a teacher and I vote. Godless Liberal. I think therefore I am liberal. Keep your theology off my biology. And my personal favorite, Warning: Driving causes air pollution, global warming, road, sprawl, loss of habitat, traffic jams, accidents, malls and is linked to resource wars. Whew! Perhaps nobody really cares what your political positions are during the middle of rush hour.

My case in point about change is Clinton versus Obama. You'd have to admit something old and something brand new.

Hillary represents the party establishment and old school politics. She also represents to a greater extent the political battles of the sixties. The biggies like civil rights, the feminist movement, abortion rights, and the environmental movement. She also represents Bill Clinton’s baggage and it’s divisive style of centrist politics. This is why she remain so controversial with many voters.

Obama represents an attempt to build a new left wing coalition. One made up of the young voters, moderates, minorities, Democrats tired of an ineffective party, independents, and dissatisfied Republicans. Obama offers A NEW DIRECTION FOR LIBERAL AMERICAN POLITICS.

Why are many progressives so opposed to this obvious change for the better? Either you are for change or not or open to trying new ideas or not. As many of us claim to be.

Often you hear so called progressives employing the usual democratic establishment talking points and positions when arguing for Clinton. You also hear the underlying and subtle FEAR of change based on the big bad boogieman out there in the world going to get us in these anti Obama arguments. The argument goes like this. Hillary is more experienced and therefore will be better prepared to deal with terrorists on day one. This is the same argument she is putting out there and then conveniently denies when accused of using fear to get votes. Liberals have quickly blamed the right whenever they used fear to gain political support. Apparently many progressives don’t see that they are letting fear rule them when it comes to their choice of a Democratic standard bearer.

You got to get past the fear folks.

I simply don’t see it as a viable argument when you are trying to compare Obama against Clinton on the issue of who can better provide for our security. Both are equally competent. This is a straw horse argument. As are many others about experience versus change. It should be more about judgment and character.

So we have progressives who talk about being open to change and when it comes down to it are really not for change. We have the same people saying we shouldn’t be ruled by fear and using fear to justify their support for the status quo.

Isn’t it time we started to practice what we preach, embrace real change reject fear, and move the political system forward into a brand new future?

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