Monday, January 28, 2008

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself

Four years ago Democrats were so desperate and fearful about finding a viable presidential candidate that they hoped would beat George Bush they ended up with John Kerry. So unnerved were the lefties at the thought of George Bush for another four years that in the end everyone collectively swallowed hard and commenced to throw Howard Dean and John Edwards under the bus in favor of Kerry, the war hero and liberal Senator from the most liberal of all the states, Massachusetts.

Kerry started out with a handicap in the eyes of voters in what turned out to be the red states. He represented just another Northeast snob liberal.

It became the paramount concern of Democrats to find a candidate who was electable. Not necessarily the best, in their estimation, simply electable. So Kerry’s experience and military service seemed like a smart move for voters based on the anticipated national security theme the Republicans telegraphed they were going use as bludgeon on the head of the Democratic challenger no matter whom it turned out to be.

Remember that goofy salute thing he did the night of his acceptance speech. Reporting for duty! It was like badly staged vaudeville.

Later on Kerry, a honorable and well intentioned man, seemed to have problems articulating his vision to the masses. During the presidential candidate debates Bush even seemed to hold his own. Something Democrats found hard to believe at the time. Kerry had the propensity to a long-winded and rather esoteric speaking style that left many wondering when he finally finished just what he meant to say.

Kerry was intelligent but apparently unable to really communicate a clear vision to the masses of what his election would do to protect and better the nation. This hampered him throughout the campaign.

The Kerry campaign was not prepared for the dirty tactics of the likes of Carl Rove and his surrogates and allowed the Republicans to turn his image as a Viet Nam War hero into that of a malingering yellow cowardly opportunist and flip flopper. Actually flipping the truth that to this day astounds anyone who saw it happen right in front of their eyes. Bush of course was the real malingerer not Kerry but those facts somehow got overlooked or failed to resound. From this form of character assassination the term “swift boating” was coined. Many say Kerry did not respond quickly or strongly enough to the lies.

Really wasn’t the 2004 election really about how fear was used by the Republicans so effectively against a confused and fear ridden Democratic Party base.

Soon after Kerry was nominated Democrats began to have buyer’s remorse about him. But it was far too late. The argument being that they probably should of stuck with Dean or perhaps even Edwards. We should of gone with our gut feelings it went. Instead we were forced into the lesser of two evils predicaments. I don’t like either of them but oh what the hell.

Remember the fear that transcended America that election year? Terrorists everywhere, war in Iraq, and 9/11 fresh in our minds. Fear ruled us. The Republicans used this fear to their advantage. The democrats were unable to play the fear card for they feared they would seem weak, a habit they still fall into today in the Congress. Even after gaining seats and majorities in the 2006 Congressional elections they are still often paralyzed by fear of appearing soft on terrorists, immigration, crime or you name it.
“I accept chaos. I am not sure whether it accepts me. I know some people are terrified of the bomb. But then some people are terrified to be seen carrying a modern screen magazine. Experience teaches us that silence terrifies people the most.” Bob Dylan
It’s a fear to stand up to fear or reject fear or afraid to appear afraid. Their self -reliance has failed them over and over again. Maybe this is why the approval ratings of the Congress are at historic lows. They simply lack the courage or their convictions. if they really have any.

Fast forward to the current nomination process and once again we see fear as a factor. Clinton saying in so many words that the terrorist we’ll get us if you don’t elect me. But she calls it the experience factor. Once again many Democrats who support her are quick to point out the commander in chief ready on day one Clinton rhetoric when indicating why they support Hillary. A false argument basically. For both Obama and her are at least equally experienced, to deal with terrorists. But Clinton subtlety injects the fear card to make her point.

I think if you are the fearless type you are naturally driven to Barak Obama, The visionary, the healer, the coalition builder, the future and who the young understand intuitively. Life is not worth living if you must live it in fear.

Things always turn out badly when your fear makes your decisions for you.

Will fear once again make Democrats choose their nominee badly? Will we again choose someone who tells us to be fearful of the future? Or will we have the courage to reject fear.

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