Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Liar Liar The Nation's Pants Are On Fire

Some smart ass once told me there are three forms of dishonesty.
  • Blatantly misrepresenting or misstating facts
  • Withholding truth or not saying what needs to be said
  • Delusional lying or inablility to recognize the truth from a lie
A study release this week documents that President Bush and other administration officials lied about Iraq 935 times in the run-up to the beginning of the war. This is news you say. Certainly only the ignorant can really be surprised by these allegations. Now all we have to do is get the researchers to figure out how many other lies Bush and his cronies have told us involving the workings of the rest of the federal government during his reign, or on second thought, perhaps we’d better not.

The 935 lies certainly add credence to the argument that Bush and Cheney should of been impeached by now. It's hard for the congressional pot to call the kettle black I guess. Dishonesty is so rampant in government today. But to standby and do nothing in the face of all the breaches of trust seems pitiful especially since thousands of people have actually died because of it.

I guess it would be what is lied about isn’t it? How many lies does it take to destroy a nation’s faith in its government? One or millions of lies?

To keep it totally fair they could do a study of all the lies told by all the members of the Congress followed by a study of all the federal agency heads then slowly begin to work their way down to the state level and finally finish up at the local city council level.

No, perhaps they’d finish up with the Port of Seattle.

Or we can just save the time and money and take it for granted that most of these phony assholes are lying or misrepresenting total sacks of shit in the first place. Like the old joke, how do you tell if a politician is lying? Their lips are moving!

History shows us that the fear of not being reelected makes liars of most political types.

Now there are some honest politicians out there and I'd appreciate if you list their names for me in the comments section. When we discover one we practically canonize them as living saints because the species is such a rarity. We name bridges after them, the town square, the playfield and the sports stadium. Oh I guess they don’t do that with sports stadiums anymore. Of course, that’s only if they are only telling little white lies that are construed later to be for the taxpayers own good.

As most of you have probably gathered if you every read my blog I like Barak Obama. Why you may ask yourself? I think we have reached critical mass in the lying department as a people and probably are at a point in our nation's history where we should at least make some small effort to identify politicians who are honest or at least demonstrate some character.

I think Obama is closer to actually being honest then, lets say, the pathological lying Bill or Hillary Clinton. So SHIPOOPI! Like that guy in the Vern Fonk commercial says. God even John McCain seems more forthright than them. McCain dishonesty is more of the delusional variety (see above) although lately Bill, the white house husband to be, has sort of gone off the board in that area.

The Clintons lies so much that they don’t even realize that they are in fact lying sometimes.

Part of Obama’s appeal is he promises to be honest with the American people. Because of this I think he’s the leader that we need to begin to cut down on the dishonesty we have running rampant in government. All this lying has got to stop or we aren't going to have a country worth a shit in short order.

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