Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Don’t Need Your Stinking Rebate Check But How About Massive Infrastructure Repairs

I probably don’t speak for a lot of people out there drooling for the postman to arrive but isn’t this tax rebate check stimulus plan some sort of political ruse?

I guess everyone going to get a tax rebate check this summer if they paid taxes last year and didn’t make over a certain amount of money. Of course, I’m not about to look a gift horse in the mouth in an election year either am I? But isn’t this just a form of massive pandering to potential voters by both ineffective no ideas political parties. I guess studies show that these cash giveaways help but aren't there better ways to stimulate the economy?

Like thousands of long-term high paying jobs that would be created by a massive repair and upgrading of the nation’s infrastructure. It pretty much agreed that the country’s infrastructure is falling apart. Think about the bridge in Minnesota that fell down as being just the tip of the deteriorating infrastructure iceberg. How about the Viaduct situation, the 520 bridge or mass transit in and around Seattle.

How about all those roads, bridges, ports, docks, drinking water facilities, solid waste facilities, waterways, locks, airports and mass transit systems ad infinitum nationwide? There has been some political rumblings by Senator Dodd and Hegel already.

Don’t we need some sort of massive “war on the infrastructure” program? Wouldn’t it created thousands of high wage jobs for a sustained period of time and therefore be killing two birds (sorry vegans) with one stone by stimulating the economy and pumping billions of dollars into the hands of businesses and their workers while at the same time repairing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

This has got to at least compare in scope to the promises the presidential candidates are making about creating all those new green jobs WHEN we becoming energy independent. So why not do both. I can hear the Republicans yelling it's Socialism already.

So America lets roll up our sleeves and put everyone back to work getting paid real money from real jobs so they can buy real buliding materials at the Home Depot. Not to oversimplify, but wouldn't it beat dropping bombs on people in Iraq or arming the Saudis?

I wouldn’t need your stinking rebate and I’d be really stimulated for sure.

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