Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How Saint Obama Must Slay The Two Headed Dragon

“Obama is better when he uses his wings rather then his feet”! Jessie Jackson offered on one of the political talk shows yesterday. I think that Jackson’s metaphor also says plenty about what Obama must do at this point in the campaign to have any hope of winning the Democratic nomination.

Obama’s predicament is that he only lower himself in stature and perception when he attempts to get down in the dirt and fight the two-headed dragon that Hillary and Bill Clinton represent. Entire libraries of books and commentaries have been written about the especially insidious skill of the Clintons when it comes to destroying their political opponents. This is why right or wrong they are so vilified by the right and mistrusted by those of us who now seek a NEW political paradigm and narrative for America.

I believe that Obama and Hillary Clinton are basically the same when it comes down the major political issues of the day, all the hair splitting by the Clintons and Obama aside. This is why the real choice is really about integrity, character, leadership, vision and who really offers the change everyone is apparently seeking.

If Obama is to have any chance he must continue to take the high road with his idealistic message of hope and change. He must continue to offer the outline for a new coalition of voters made up of Democrats, independents, the young, minorities and disenchanted Republicans.

As Obama often says, “There are no blue states or red states only the United States.”

Obama should take his message to an even higher level of idealistic political discourse that’s far above the run of the mill Clinton message below. The Clintons are not capable of competing at this idealistic political altitude, they just play like they do on TV. They’d rather make Obama respond to the exaggerations and outright fabrications being made against him down in the dirt. When they do this successfully they frame him as just another politician. Which is exactly what the Clintons embody and is the turf on which they can compete and probably eliminate Obama.

If they are successful in bringing Obama and his message down to their level the Clintons will win the nomination.

The Clintons represent the contemporary democratic machine politics at it’s best and Obama is not on a level playing field. Bill and Hillary are a political team par excellence and have been planning their political dynasty in one form or the other since they first met in law school. I think that this is why Hillary appears so upset with Obama.

How dare Obama even challenge her birthright and ascendancy to the office of the president of the United States at this time? Hillary arrogantly emanates the belief that it’s her turn to be president in every facial expression and thing she does. The Clintons are very much joined at the brain when it comes to polities. It certainly should makes one think what that premise represents if Hillary actually becomes president. Who will really be running the show?

What is Obama to do now?

Obama must attack the institutional nuance politics, including the subtle use of race, (re: slum lords, drug use) in which the Clintons and the right often wallow. He must explain in idealistic terms how this damages everyone of us. The Clintons would love to reduce Obama to another Jessie Jackson black candidate. Not the generational and racially transcendent person that he actually represents.

Obama must attack the general acceptance of lying if it’s necessary in the name of getting elected that the Clintons represent and refuse to participate in it himself. He must emphasis and condemn the use of a divisive narrative that the Clinton’s phony patronizing and pandering represents and for which the Clintons are the model.

Obama must admit that really he would agree with Hillary on most issues and is really offering a new alternative movement away from the divisive nature of the Clintonian school of Democratic Party establishment divisive and ineffective political history and discourse.

He must emphasis his ability to think big, differently, outside the acceptable boundaries and political norms. He must put his dreams into words and programs that will make them a set of ideals that America can work to make a new reality. He must continue to clarify his vision of a new broad political coalition for the future.

He must continue to show us the way to the new day and a generational changing of the American political landscape.

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