Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Has Overly Partisan Blogoshpere Overlooked Quantum Change In The Minds Of Electorate?

Many blogoshpere pundits missed the boat entirely on the developing phenomenon that is Barak Obama’s Campaign for the presidency. I think it’s because bloggers are often overly partisan, not very independent in their thinking and rendered unable to see the body politic objectively. They are effectively blinded by their own partisan closed mindedness inside a politically correct echo chamber. They often serve the extreme and often mostly petty wings of their parties and have little feeling for the average smocks of the world.

Missing the surge of grassroots support for Obama and especially his appeal to independents and moderate Republicans crossover voters shows that the blogs are often distracted by their own particular predetermined party driven agendas. In many ways the blogs are so partisan they have obviously lost their perspective of what is happening right in front of them in the street outside. Blogs are co-opted so that their roles have been reduced to that of the wonky apparatus of a legislatively ineffective out of touch and stagnating political parties controlled mostly by the special interests, party hacks and limited issue oriented political fringe groups.

Like Hillary Clinton’s campaign the blogosphere has become an aspect of the divisive status quo partisan style of politics that this country has been suffering under for a quarter of a century or more and that the large number of average present day voters, as demonstrated by the recent election results, apparently hold in high disdain. Obama’s and Huckabee’s success in capturing the mantle of outsiders for CHANGE has resonated with the electorate. Especially a change in the tone of politics from that of extreme partisanship to general cooperation to achieve the common good.

Average folks are apparently feed up with party partisanship period. Especially when it blocks progress or does not address the glaring major problems and issues of the day and even threatens our existence as humans. To a certain extent reaching this point of renewal was expedited by Bush, Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Carl Rove and Tom Delay’s style of divide, conquer and destroy Republicanism. Not to mention the general government incompetence exhibited during the last eight years. The Democrats by their inaction, ineffectiveness and inter party bickering, much of it perpetuated by the blogosphere, certainly can claim their share of the blame for fueling the pent-up feeling for change in the country.

Obama and, to a certain extend, Huckabee as outsiders have hit on a mother lode of this pent-up frustration with the status quo, and if the machine doesn’t work don’t fix it mentality in the other Washington. But bloggers must admit they have worked to reinforce the partisan themes and the "it’s us against them mentality".

A large number of political types led by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Chuck Hagel met in Oklahoma City this week to address what they see as a dysfunctional government and extreme partisanship. One of the themes that Obama has hit a cord with and that has become a central appeal of his campaign with voters.

Meanwhile lefty bloggers continue to pump out the same old tired partisan crap in a rather mechanical ways. Apparently aware that perhaps something is happening here but not really sure what it is yet. Blogs are rather ill prepared or open-minded enough to see themselves as part of the problem. They see themselves as being above the fray. By their continuing support of partisan political themes they seem unwilling to see that the tide is perhaps turning on them. They are unable to leave their comfort zones even when the train has apparently already left the station.

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