Thursday, January 24, 2008

Harry Reid Sells Out On FISA Bill And Sides With Republicans On Filibuster

Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader apparently has sided with the Republicans on the pending FISA filibuster planned by Senators Chris Dodd, Feingold and others over Telecom company immunity . Harry's excuse, it would wreak havoc on his “schedule”.

So Harry Reid’s schedule is more important then your constitution rights according to Senator Useless.

Reid threatens to make the Democrats opposing FISA “really filibuster” the bill if they persisted. Something he never required of the Republicans on Iraq or children’s health coverage bills that were before the Senate previously. This guy is a gutless telecom lobby and Republican shill. Why didn’t Reid ever hold the Republicans to such proceedural strictness or make them actually filibuster Democratic proposals? Here’s the back story and the link so you can tell Reid what you think.

Next question is: How do you go about getting a new Senate majority leader?

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