Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For Gods Sake Don’t Discuss Real Issues Chris Matthews Hillary Love In Maddow Saves The Day

The Nevada Democratic debate seemed to me to be one of the more intelligent debates held yet between the remaining candidates. Even if Tim Russert main goal was to turn the debate into a political version of the Jerry Springer Show by asking several loaded questions about how the candidates felt about their race and gender.

The initial questioning proved that most of these nitwit so called news commentators are more interested in conflict based personal attack politics and the ratings they think that will bring them then any real debate on the issues.

The debate then proceeded to an impressive discussion of the candidate’s positions on major issues. What immediately became apparent is that the candidates differ little. Whether it be healthcare, Iraq, the economy, national security, veterans, etc..

Their proposed personal style of leadership was what really was on display for me during this debate. As far as winners and losers the outcome appears to comes down to who do you trust to be the best qualified to inspired and lead the country in a new direction. I preferred Obama’s "Sidney Poitier" intelligent higher ground new direction approach to Hillary’s rather status quo establishment ready on day one rhetoric. But that’s my take.

One thing I saw in this debate is that I think Obama is really ready to be the leader we need on day one. I think he showcased his intelligence, spontaneous nature and his outstanding grasp of the issues extremely well. It eliminated most of my fear that he wouldn't be able to hold his own against a tough Republican challenger. This guy is good and I think will get even stronger if he actually wins the nomination.

After the debate per the usual format Chris Matthews and the rest of the regular MSNBC talking heads and experts discussed the debates supposed outcome at nausea. Matthews who has been under a massive attack lately from all angles for his misogynistic comments about Hillary Clinton seemed to be offering a make up call for her by going on endlessly about how she looked so regal and presidential and had reestablished herself as the front runner once again. To Matthews she was shrewd and in control. Something I didn’t see. I saw a competent Hillary in the style of the Hillary we all know and love. It’s a wonder that steam doesn’t come out her ears because of the speed you know that brain is going trying to triangulate things.

Later on one of my favorites Keith Olbermann was disappointing when he complained that the debate seemed a bit too “wonky”. Much of the discussion about the debate by the assembled was along the lines that the debate was not very entertaining because the participants had been too civil towards each other and for some unknown reason refused to let the debate degenerate into a race or gender battle royal. How boring! Can your imaging candidates being civil and debating actual issues.

Air America’s Rachel Maddow help damper down Matthews Hillary “love fest and I feel good all over" performance by making a few points about how she thought that Obama and John Edwards had in fact held their ground against Clinton.

Perhaps Obama had even done better than Matthews thought was her observation. Thank god she was there. In another demonstration of how the Republicans would prefer to face Hillary Pat Buchanan started to echo Matthews praise of Clinton’s performance. But Maddow once again countered that she thought Obama had certainly held his own. Next thing Buchanan goes off on a tangent about how anyone of the Republican candidates would “eat Obama for breakfast in the general”. Maddow demanded that Buchanan name one. They quickly went to station break leaving Buchanan in full stammer.

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