Saturday, January 26, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Gets It

Caroline Kennedy endorsed Barak Obama tonight. She gets it. Kennedy realizes that leaders like Obama are a rare thing in American politics and don't come along often, perhaps once in a generation.

A president like my father, Kennedy labels Obama.

Unfortunately there are many well meaning and sincere women out there that are hypnotized by the quest for the holy grail of electing the first woman president. Even though their reasons for doing so are base predominantly on gender and not on her character, electability, leadership, or vision, or her well known negatives.

Can you say President John McCain? Nominate Hillary and you'll probably have to learn how.

Many of these women have probably not focused on much more then the fact that Hillary has a vagina just like they do and somehow that's enough to qualify her for the job. But, of course, that shouldn't really have anything to do with being elected president should it?

The truth perhaps is that Hilliary Clinton's time has actually passed and that she is not the right person for the job or the times in with we live today. She's so sixties.

Another thing. One of the most annoying things progressive women, who are under the spell of Hillary, should be asking themselves is why has Hillary allowed Bill to dominate the campaign to the extent he has. I think it is more than just arguable that there was a backlash against Bill's acting out in the South Carolina. Perhaps a sign of what to expect
from a first husband Bill if she actually is electable.

His behavior marginalizes and diminishes her stature as some one who wants to be the first woman president. Plus no one is really voting for Bill Clinton's for president are they?

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