Monday, December 03, 2007

Why Obama Should Win Nomination

There are several interesting articles out in the last couple of days that help emphasis the argument for Barak Obama becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2008. Frank Rich's New York Times article What's to fear about Obama and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich two blog posts Leading America after 2008 and Why is HRC Stooping So Low.

The articles indicate Obama really is the true agent of political change that America seeks and an alternative to the same old Bush Clinton Bush Clinton political leadership sickness. Something the latest polls are starting to show is also in the mind of voters. The invincibility tag by the press about Clinton and Clinton about herself has apparently started to unravel before our eyes. I think people don't want to just nominate someone they think can win like they did with Kerry in 2004 but want true change in the political atmospherics in America. Something Clinton doesn't really offer them while Obama does.

These articles seem to indicate Obama can win against any Republican opponent the GOP can put up against him.

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