Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reid Pelosi Officially Become Bush's Bitches

Hey Harry get a pair! Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is apparently on the verge of letting the telecoms off the hook in spite of their massive illegal invasion of your privacy. This follows the Senate cave on Iraq war funding and most other bills wanted by President frat boy. The Reid strategy apparently involves giving Bush whatever he wants in exchange for as much pork as possible now while waiting to actually change things after the 2008 elections. But is such a strategy acceptable if you give away constitutional rights and continue to support an unconscionable war in Iraq.

When will Reid actually demonstrate some leadership by making the Republicans really have to filibuster a bill or make this President actually use a veto? Hopefully it may not be to late to stop telecom immunity by contacting your senator. Tell Harry and your representative to show some leadership instead of just selling out.

In some as yet unexplained and confusing democratic strategy which allows Bush to have his way on every bill that is thrown in the hopper. Reid and his counterpart in the House Nancy Pelosi continue to whine endlessly about their lack of votes instead of demonstrating the guts, guile and leadership needed to stop the backward Republican political agenda.

No wonder the congress's approval ratings is actually lower then the President's. At this rate it may be difficult to maintain or gain the seats needed in the next congressional elections to stop the lack of votes excuse making. People are growing sick of the same old status quo cave jobs from Reid and Pelosi and should demand more backbone from their representatives.

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