Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gun Pandering Huckabee Uses Unsafe Hunting Methods

Why is it every time some Republican goes out hunting it becomes a safety concern. First we had Dick Cheney shoot his hunting partner in the face while bird hunting in Texas and on Wednesday in Iowa we have Mike Huckabee recklessly firing over the head of reporters.

Like the writer of the post at The Swamp I spent some time in rural Eastern Washington as a kid hunting. There were no exceptions for anything other then strict safety practices when we were using firearms.

If these guys are so in love with hunting and guns then they at least should know the basic safety practices when they go out to kill over matched and defenseless wildlife. But, really I think it's all a form of testosterone machismo pandering bullshit and show off for the hunting and NRA crowd.

These phony Republicans aren't really hunters in the true since of the word. Because if they were they'd not be so reckless.

via: The Swamp

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