Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cure For BCBCS Finally Found

Your begining to wake up from a very long dream that's theme has been that your country has been taken over by a bunch of BANAL political robots in spite of your best efforts to stop it.

"Well it's time to wake the fuck up people! I truely believe that the Republic as we know it is at stake here and now. No more excuses that I don't understand politics or I can find the time to vote. We are on the verge of losing what maybe left of anything that's been good and righteous about this living breathing great American experiment."

Sure it's probably more true then it's not that a corporate oligarchy has really been running this country sense the end of the last century. It just seems like a more benevolent oligarchy with the left is in charge. Left leaning governments seem to checkmate some of the corporate power during their time in office. But they certainly don't stop it.

Only Dennis Kucinich would possibility bring a stop to it if he somehow became President.
But let's be realists.

Some friends and I sat around pondering the tremendous waste of time the entire Bush presidency has been. Time wasted that could of been used to address global warming, our environment, alternative energy sources, health care and real world peace, free of religious extremist bullshit litmus tests and religious fanatics Christian, Muslim or otherwise.

Haven't we had enough of this religious and corporate driven endless war making in the name of oil, god, greed, nationalist ego or bloody profit making? Tired of nitwit poll watching political leaders with no backbone?

We are also living in an era of pandering centrist public opinion poll driven politics invented by Bill and Hillary which certainly added fuel to the Republican revolution or recent years which has been characterized by anti government divisiveness, inaction and the do nothing corporate controlled Gingrich, Delay or anemic lefty led congresses.

Well your suffering from BCBCS or Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Sickness. The cure is to choose a fundamental change in political leadership.

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