Friday, December 28, 2007

Bush Foreign Policy Succeeds Middle East Now Completely Destabilized

In the run up to the Iraq war there were a number of warnings from nearly every corner that indicated that a US invasion of Iraq would lead to the destabilization of the Middle East. Colin Powell warned the President personally, the military, pentagon experts, the entire rest of the world and even Ron Paul. I don't agree with him on most issues but, it is interesting in retrospect reading this Paul prewar commentary. But deadbeat George Bush and Dick Cheney et al chose to ignore all warnings and as one detractor said at the time "kick the hornets nest".

Looking at the current situation across a wide swath of the Middle East we find a region nearly in complete chaos after nearly eight years of Bush/Cheney/Rice Foreign policy madness. Here's our evidence.

Iraq: Claims that the Iraq surge is working and will bring long term stability inhabit the world of right wing spin or fodder for polititians who continue to support the invasion in spite of the facts.

Turkey: Currently Turkey has declared war and is in the process of bombing Kurdish Rebels in Northern Iraq with US support. Which also maybe killing innocent civilians and third parties who just happen to be there while the protesting elements of he Iraqi government are ignored.

Afghanistan: The Taliban and al-Qaeda working from sanctuaries within the country and tribal regions of Pakistan continue to make significant progress in destabilizing the country and regaining power. Illegal poppy production is feeding a booming drug trade and funneling funds to the Taliban and al-Queda.

Pakistan: Leading opposition leader Benazir Bhutto assassinated and country in turmoil.
Al-Qaeda scope of operations is growing in Pakistan with unconfirmed reports that elements of government security forces support Bin Laden. Billions of US aid dollars unaccounted for in war against terrorists. WMD in danger of falling into terrorist hands. Democratic elections in jeopardy.

Iran: Ongoing bad relations with US over nuclear enhancement of uranium and continuing Bush/Cheney saber rattling.

And we haven’t even mentioned the enormous problems with Israel, Palestine or Syria.

Meanwhile the current crop of Presidential Candidates continue to extol the get tough macho bullshit policies that created this enormously disastrous mess in the first place.

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