Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Year End Best Of Junk Media Bullshit Content Rankings

If your like me the end of the year tends to put me in that state of mind where I find myself reconnoitering what went right and what went wrong. I think it must be some archetypical pattern of collective consciousness brought on in the human species at the passing of winter solstice and the realization that another year is nearing it’s end. Yeah that's it.

Then again it could be triggered by the bottom feeding collective soul of the inhabitants of this god forsaken republic and the endless practice of year end list compiling by print and electronic media hype mongers that’s being shoves down our collective throats. Bored with real news because it so damn cyclically depressing, apocalyptic and fucking down right scary and trying to feed the ravenous appetite for new content THEY force us at each year’s end to a barrage of newspaper pullouts, TV news shows and compiled laundry lists of total bullshit best of the year useless rankings and the accompanying babble.

If I see that fucking flaming fag “leave Britney alone” video again I’m going to puke up my dinner.

Would most of you agree that Rome is burning? Do any of the metaphors of Orwell's book 1984 come to mind when you look around this country?

One poll apparently names President Bush and Hillary Clinton the most admired male and female of the year. Two questions come to mind immediately. What the fuck pumpkin wagon did the pollster taking this poll fall off of anyhow? Who are these people that are giving the pollster the unadulterated bullshit answers to the survey?

Who really cares about ranking the year’s showbiz scandals? It’s Britney versus Paris versus Lindsey versus Winehouse onward infinitum. The answer is apparently literally hoards of Americans out there in the wasteland leading their inauthentic lives of meaningless nothingness. They need a diversion I guess. In fact they have become so diverted they barely know their ass from a hole in the ground.

The criminally despicable banal water boarding of the mind, body and soul goes on almost unabated on a daily basis. Yet there is no widespread righteous indignation at the acts of the political criminals. Impeachment is not on the table. Three out of eight men running for President of the United States said they don’t believe in evolution. I think my home smoke alarm even when off at that point in that Republican debate. Then we have the dueling I’m so fucking religious bullshitting contests that are the meat and potatoes of this year's Republican candidates primary and let’s go back to living like they did in 1850's olden times monologue manure spreading.

Listen you can hear the educated world laughing at us.

But there’s plenty of airtime and print space to fill with the rankings of the year's best drug abusing alcoholic and indiscreet breast augmented bimbo. Maybe perhaps at a better and more hope filled time in the future. Not!

If one person out there complains about the state of the nation in this presidential election year and in the next breath says that they didn't find the time to vote before or probably won't vote this year then they can just go fuck themselves.

When they don’t vote they make me and other voters into some sort of unwilling patsies of the government in powers narrative and the depressing state of this nation just by abdicating their right to vote and therefore their one paramount responsibility and duty as an American citizen. The criminal no idea politicians, Tim Eymans, Carl Roves and religious fanatics can only admire your continuing non participation.

Earth to all flaky liberals voters out there: America is not a kingdom, it's a democracy. Informed vote casting is a basic requirement.

I personally fear for my country. We need to turn this thing around quickly. We need to jettison the outdated politics of the Bush Clinton Bush Clinton eras. We need new blood and real commitment to change. We need the vitality of the young in a big way. We all need to stop being diverted from what’s truly important in 2008 and beyond. We all need hope that the future will be better.

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