Thursday, May 17, 2007

Impeach Me Now Impeach Me Later When Will Somebody Inforce The F@#king Laws In This Country Again?

Whether it will end up being the illegal wiretaps or the host of Iraq scandals or the blatant crony ism or billions of dollars gone missing here and abroad that brings them down it's my prediction that eventually Bush-Cheney-Rove et al WILL be brought to justice for their CRIMINAL behavior.

If not, it time that we all move to Canada. For there is no justice here.

Not to mention the numerous other on going scandals that have their roots connected to these despicable men.

As of today. I'm tired of waiting. I'm sick of saying what the fuck have then done now while listen to the nightly news and I'm especially tired of seeing my country destroyed by these bogus charlatans. Oh yeah, I was once one of those who thought that the Democrat leadership policy of not invoking the "I" word may of been sound. The argument being, why put the country through such a divisive process. It time for a change in attitude.

If your going to put the shoplifter in jail in this country for stealing a loaf of bread then your a nation of simple-minded hypocrites if you don't do something immediately to bring justice to this bunch of weasels. It's simple, spineless elected officials simply are not doing their constitutional duty unless they move to impeach these bastards now given the ever mounting evidence of their criminal activities.

The latest revelations of attempts by the white house to have a sick and bedridden Attorney General John Ashcroft sign off on a plan to illegally wiretap millions of Americans is the latest indication of this government's complete disregard for the principles under which this country was founded. To Ashcroft's credit he refused to sign as did the acting Attorney General James Comey and both along with several other high ranking justice department officials threaten to resign. These were highly skilled lawyers who knew the serious breach of law that such an act represented.

"But the problem comes down to the failure of Congress to deal with what is a very ugly and unfortunate fact. This would be a clear impeachable offense. I don‘t know of a more clear potential charge of impeachment within the modern presidency. I mean, this law makes it a crime to order domestic surveillance without a warrant. The president ordered it and renewed it 30 times. And now we find out that the very top of the Justice Department told him, This is unlawful."

JONATHAN TURLEY, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW EXPERT on the Keith Olbermann show May 16. 2007

My point is this. Given the myriad of potential criminal acts committed by these future felons it would be the greatest travesty in the history of American justice not to seriously consider moving immediately to impeach and if necessary prosecute them and if they are found guilty jail them. For if there is no justice imposed on them then there will be no justice for anyone. No citizen is above the law be he common or the holder of the highest political office in the land.

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