Saturday, May 12, 2007

Full Power Radio Station Licenses Anyone?

it's now or never...rare opportunity for non profit community organizations who want to operate their own "full power" stations...

Are you tired of every radio station sounding the same?
Are the corporate radio giants serving your community?
Have you always dreamed of your own radio station?

This October, the 12th through the 19th, the FCC will open a rare window for issuing full-power, noncommercial radio licenses. Now may be your only chance to secure a license. Read the FCC's announcement.

  • The window itself will only last seven days.
  • You can only file your application during this seven-day window, so everything needs to be prepared in advance.

If you don't apply during this window, it will be many years before another licensing window opens and, frankly, there won't be much full power radio spectrum of value available after this issuing period.

These licenses will only be available to qualified community groups and nonprofits in certain geographical areas. More information at

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