Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Murders Offer Evidence Of A Troubled Society Without Providing Clear Moral Explanations of Why

My 12 Step Group has a old tradition that refers to being on and off the beam when leading your daily life. After hearing about the mayhem and murder today at Virginia Tech I thought creating a rendition of the list could be helpful to understand this tragedy.

Mercy Homicide
Life Death
Peace War
Dehumanize Bomb
Creation Destruction
Peace Loving Militarism
Hope Suicide
Moderation Fanatic
Tolerance Fundamentalist
Open-Mindedness Conservative
Dialogue Ideologue
Silence Mayhem
Understanding Xenophobia
Non-Violence Violence
Sophistication Nationalism
Objectivity Jingoism
Love Indifference
Empathy Racism
Humility Chauvinism
Forgive Execute

Here is the original list

Honesty Dishonest
Faith Fear
Courage Frighten
Consideration Inconsiderate
Humility Pride
Giving Greed
Calm Anger
Grateful Envy
Patience Inpatient
Tolerance Intolerance
Forgiveness Resentment
Love Hate
Self-forgetfulness Self-Pity
Humility Self-Justification
Modesty Self-Importance
Self-forgiveness Self-Condemnation
Trust Suspicion
Moderation Gluttony
Action Sloth