Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Open Letter To Tucker Carlson, Your A Nitwit!

Mr. Carlson,

The hearings that congressional Democrats are holding on the Pat Tillman and the Jessica Lynch tragedies are necessary so that Americans can get to THE TRUTH. Something that has been sadly lacking ever since criminals like Bush and Cheney have been in charge of this country.

No matter what you think in between your insular world inside the Washington D.C. beltway, and your side trips for appearances on dancing with the stars or other attempts to be a pop star talking head, I believe that Bush and Cheney someday will face charges for the plague of criminal activities, lies and deceits they and their cronies have leveled on our country and the rest of the world during this national nightmare of a time we find ourselves living through today.

The Tillman and Lynch cases being only a small part of the overall malignant cancer that exists in every part of this administration. But of course not a small matter to the Tillman and Lynch families and many families just like them who have suffered the loss of a love one due to the incompetence and misguided policies of this government's leaders.

I believe the family of Pat Tillman requested that congress investigate these allegations. Apparently as many as nine senior military officers including several generals covered up the truth about how Tillman sacrificed his life, all done apparently to support this administration's phony call to war.

Like the Tillmans, I think that the American people should know who these generals are and more importantly who started the cover up in the first place. WE DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH and history deserves to know the truth.

If you were worth two cents as a journalist you would be compelled to find out who started these lies about Tillman and Lynch's service in the first place instead of talking gibberish or trying to create phony political conflicts that really don't exist or playing your lap dog character as some fictitious spokesman for the intellectual right-wing. Which we all know is somewhat of an oxymoron.

No your not the new William Buckley, and never will be. But I regress. You often miss the freaking point entirely on this and most other issues of the day.

On your program today you continued to try to somehow portray all this as "an attack on the troops or the army or somehow totally partisan. I remind you that Congress's job is oversight.

This is how the system is supposed to work now that there isn't a rubber stamp do nothing Tom Delay run Republican congress calling the shots anymore.

It is also beyond bad journalism and an indication of your lack of creativity to drag out Tom DeLay for his opinion on anything. Who would believe anything this potential felon has to say anyway. If you do. your a complete fool. But he plays you just like he plays all the other right wing wing nuts.

Which I'm beginning to think is the real problem with you and your show. Why MSNBC keeps you there is beyond understanding.

I for one think your phony libertarian intellectual right wing preppy boy bullshit is wearing real thin out here in the real world.


Vashon, Wa

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