Monday, April 09, 2007

Don Imus Finally Pisses Off The Wrong People

Okay, I admit I have strange sleeping habits and often find myself a regular viewer of the Imus in the Morning Show on MSNBC which airs at 3am to 6am daily here on the West Coast.

Don’t say I told you so, because I did in a post in early February on Imus, the national radio personality and MSNBC morning shock jock personality, but he has apparently finally pissed off the wrong people. In fact it seems like the entire African American community. It happened last week when Imus referred to the Rutgers University women’s predominantly African American basketball team as a bunch of “nappy headed hos” while attempting to create some bad frat boy humor in an exchange with his fellow loose cannon producer Bernard McGuirk.

Surprisingly, this is sort of par for the course behavior and even a lightweight transgression for Imus and his band of merry ass kissing all American all white all male Imus show loud mouthed personalities. Perhaps all the years of cumulative personal insults and name-calling and banal behavior may finally lead to his downfall or at least to someone actually reigning in Mr. Potty Mouth. God knows there probably are a legion of folks out there that would love to see him humiliated and/or put in his place.

Imus apparently made an attempt to apologize on last Friday’s show. But after years of insulting just about everyone alive his many enemies probably can smell the blood in the water now that he's pissed off an entire race.

The Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, among others, are calling for his head on a silver platter. It will be interesting to see how Imus, his radio affiliates and MSNBC respond to the onslaught and accompanying media frenzy.

Down goes Imus!

As much as Imus pisses me off for his outlandish bullshit I find I have sort of a soft spot in my heart for him because of his “everyman” sort of personality. His flaws are glaring and I can personally relate to some of the demons that may haunt him.

I’m sure lots of people identify with him and his often hidden better nature. The Imus program on MSNBC beats out CNN American Morning in the ratings on a regular basis. He's often brutally honest about life or when dealing with and interviewing political types. Something that is refreshing. His work with charities like his Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer and undying support for veteran’s causes and other popular populist issues often give you a glimpse of an Imus on the high road. You want to forgive and ignore the bad behavior.

But then he slips into the egomaniac world of name calling and being an asshole with too much power. A negative role that in the end may just lead to his downfall.


  1. This whole issue is one of semantics and self-righteous indignation. NOT "rascism" and NOT "egomania." If the words are so offensive, then why are they in everyday, casual, conversational use by the very people who purport to be so "righteously offended" by them?

    Or are the words only offensive when coming out of a "white" mouth? Are they OK if a Puerto Rican uses them? Are Puerto Ricans "too white" or "barely black enough?" What about other Hispanics?

    And then there's the Indian/Pakistani problem. Some of them are extremely dark, but have very "Caucasian" features and speak a very refined, if rapid and high-pitched, form of the King's English.

    How about a white guy like Bill Clinton, who the black community dubbed, "America's First African-American President?" Not to the slightest degree black. But he's one of the good white guys. Now there's a conundrum...

    This issue is about influence, political-impact, profit, attention and, legitimately, hurt feelings.

    Al Sharpton has made a career out of, and legitimized himself by, race-baiting in the worst possible, most inflammatory way EVERY conflict between a white person and a person-of-color that he could inflate into an issue. Regardless of whether "race" was involved to the slightest degree. A white cashier giving a black customer the wrong change could, for Al Sharpton, be absolute GOLD - with a little spin and polish.

    He deserves to be consulted and respected as an "elder statesman" no more than David Duke or Lyndon LaRouche. EXCEPT...he can bring "color" to the table. And does he? In an army of manure-filled dumptrucks he brings it!!!

    So whaddya say, Queen? Agree with me, you ol' cocksucker? Once the words have been put out there and used internally by the group of people to whom they are supposed to be applied, can another group really be forbidden to use them?

    Can you un-ring the bell?

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  3. Well greghm there's enough semis-truck fulls of politically correct hipocritical bullshit in the Imus emploding into himself story line to reach from here to Uranus.

    You make some excellent points.