Monday, April 09, 2007

City of Seattle Tells Family Owned Business To Go Fuck Themselves

I was not surprised to find a story in today’s Seattle Times about a 70 year old family operated business finally fed up with having to be the neighbor to the experimental drunk housing project that the city opened 16 months ago at 1811 Eastlake in the Cascade Neighborhood.

Northwest Trophy recently announced they’d be moving to a new location after trying to deal with problems that housing for chronic drunks has created for them next door. Including 267 911 calls to the premises or one about every other day according to my calculations. The management of the bum center calls it all a case of “sour grapes” by the business owners who opposed the center from the beginning.

God what a surprise!

Can you imagine a 911 call to your neighbors house every other day or having intoxicated knuckleheads wandering aimlessly into your home or pissing on your flowerbeds on a regular basis. I can see the new agers on Capital Hill calling for Nick Licata’s head if such a thing were allowed to continue to happen on or near "their property". Makes me want to go up there a piss and defecate on Licata's lawn right now.

Seattle’s city fathers once again demonstrate, with the approval of this and other populist civic experiments, like the public toilets debacle, their lack of understanding of small business and the risk involved in operating one in Seattle. There is a head in the clouds attitude when it comes to common sense approaches to civic problems and support for family owned and operated small businesses. In fact there is little common sense at all it seems at times. Mostly just overly idealistic and grandiose bullshit continuing to ooze from the minds of this city council.

I for one thought the idea of “wet” housing was somewhat ill conceived and enabling behavior on the part of city government at the time the center opened. Usually substance abusers are offered housing if they agree to stop using as a condition of them being a resident in sober housing. This experimental project allows the residents to continue drinking based on the belief that it will save taxpayer money with fewer trips to Harborview Medical Center or King County Jail by the bums. It sort of “controlled drinking” housing I guess or a “safe house for drinking”.

Only in Seattle can you avoid regular under a bridge drinking and continue to be a fuck-up in taxpayer supported drunk safe housing. I suggested in my initial post on this subject that the city consider putting a bar in the lobby. Maybe we could recoup some of the tax money that way? Of course the bouncer would not throw rowdy drunks out he just escort them to their rooms. Were they could attempt more "controlled drinking".

Everyone worth his salt knows that alcoholics by definition cannot control their drinking, which of course, is the basis of their problem. As one reader pointed out to me when I wrote a piece on this subject 16 months ago, this place is really a hospice where unwilling to attempt sobriety drunks go to die and not much else.

I know that even drunks deserve a home. My argument is that drunks who want to be sober should be given a priority when it come to my tax dime over drunks who wish to continue their ward of the state drunken lifestyles.

We need to know just how much money this place has been saving the taxpayers since it opened? One of the local newspapers should be willing to follow up on the story and give us those figures soon I hope.

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  1. This was so funny I almost pissed and defecate in my chair. I think your so right you pretty much have to be a law breaker and peice of crap to get City based help around Seattle. Im a recovering drunk and did it all by myself I have much appreciation for the things I own and have. I wonder how come the city didn't start a peer advisory group to help in their efforts. I can say if they did they would of never attempyed this adventure at all. This was a very good blog to read, thanks for the laugh, guess you left everyone else speechless.