Sunday, September 25, 2005

War what is it good for?

The war in Iraq is wrong headed. The death of one American soldier has not yet been justified by the reasons yet put forth by this government surrounding the preemptive Iraq war.

Wake up America! How many of America's brave young people must die or civilians be killed in Iraq before you understand the total absurdity of this war. There are no WMDs. There was no direct connection to Al Qaeda before the war that any respectable person can establish. Iraqis are not throwing flowers at our feet as liberators as many in the Administration envisioned. This will not make the Middle East a bastion of capitalism or of democracy or freedom. It has not made Iraq the “centerpiece” of the war on terrorism? Iraq with the bastard Saddam Hussein in power was not a direct threat to the security of the United States. But, Iraq is now become a threat to us because of the incompetence and war mongering or our leaders. Who have managed to bog us down in a protracted war there.

Iraq has become the centerpiece of American geopolitical egocentric political bullying, bravado, diplomatic impotency and incompetence. Not to even mention the numerous military miscalculations brought on by defense department and the Administration ideo-logs over ruling career military experts. Who warned that more troops were needed to win the peace in Iraq or that going to war in Iraq was a flat out mistake.

Does the moral high ground of Abu Grab prison, Guantanamo, and Halliburton make us better off now then when we were considered that this nation is suppose to set the example as a champion of constitutional rights and the protecting and promoting human freedom?

This war is one of the biggest blunders by an American President in modern history. In the end history will, I’m sure, show this to be true, whether you see it now or not. It took years for Americans to finally realize the mistakes made during the conduct of the Vietnam War. Sadly enough this will end up being a similar experience I fear. What we appear to have here is a quagmire with no real winner or loser. Followed by decades of heartbreaking human tragedies. Concluding with a broken military leadership and a demoralized American military similar to the situation after Vietnam.

On this President's watch America was rush into a war where it has sent brave Americans to die without the necessary training and equipment or an exit plan to properly protect them or reduce the danger to them. But, the Administration remains in every lasting cover-up and denial about this, bordering on total incompetence.

How many billions of dollars of American treasure has been wasted on this war made by and for the ruling and religious elite classes of this country? Billions of dollars that could build that new school, hospital, fire station, or community center down the street from your house. Billions that could be spent on making America safer from the real terrorists we know are somehow out there still on the loose. Billions that could have been spent feeding and housing our poor or providing an education to someone who otherwise would not be able to receive one. Billions to pay down the record deficits or help stabilize entitlement programs. Billions to provide healthcare for millions of Americans who cannot afford coverage. While Rome burns Bush and America continue to fiddle. Funny how the poor always do the fighting and dying and the Rich classes always make the profits off these wars. But this war is somehow different were told. Ha!

Against the dire warnings of dedicated military professionals that not enough troops were being deployed to complete the mission properly in Iraq this administration decided to go forward. By their miscalculations they have put young men and women in harms way to die today in Iraq. Our troops have been reduced to this administration "cannon fodder" for the evening news "they died with honor segment". This is suppose to make us feel proud? Of what? Young lives being wasted? Hearts being broken, Children left without parents? American policies are despised around the world by our allies. Our enemies emboldened.

I don't want to feel proud about the mistake of a young person dying needlessly in an unnecessary war. The Bush administration’s "new world order" policy of pre-emptive war has help make the terrorists arguments to the world that America is the "imperialist world bully" plausible. Terrorism has increased because of the war in Iraq even by the Bush Administration's own estimates. Terrorism certainly has not been reduced because of this war. America has been distracted from the real job of protecting ourselves and finding the people responsible for 9/11 attacks. Where the hell is Osama?

As each day passes new revelations of poorly equipped, over stretched and over extended troops can be seen in the news. How dare these fools make excuses for not properly preparing our troops for combat? How dare they act sorrowful and patronize us with phony exhibitions of understanding. What do they know about what it must be like for a family to lose a loved one in this misguided war.

The President and Vice President are better known for their "malingering". If you don't believe that then you must be deaf dumb and blind. How can they ever be able to understand duty honor or sacrifice when you never had to experience it in your own life? Bush and Cheney were protected by their rich and powerful relatives and contacts from serving in real combat during a time when it was their opportunity to do their duty.

I say to these liars, manipulators, profiteers, frat boys and thieves, beware of history repeating and the enlightened people who will not be fooled forever. Like so many before you your days are numbered your fame and power are fleeting. Your pride, ego, breast beating and phony religiousness have made you stupid. This war has emboldened and invigorated our enemies and weaken our alliances with our traditional allies. It has put America at greater risk of attack. It has weakened our military.

I say to those who have lost a love one in the tragedy. I pray for my country to have wisdom and reject this war and the support of it and support our troops by working to bring them home as soon as possible. I am full of sorrow for you and my country. Your loved one has honored us all by performing their duty. Their names will be spoken when we think of the blessed. Their leaders have failed them.

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