Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"I hope you die and your death will come soon"

title from the song "masters of war" by Bob Dylan

driving habits to save gasoline. Is this man a genius or what? What the tar nation do you think most working people have been doing since gas surged over the $3.oo per gallon mark this Summer? Maybe he should have VP Cheney take the bus to the hospital for the knee operations. Or not drive around in his gas guzzling Ford pickup in Crawford while he's clearing brush and "smoking Osama out of his hole". What's with these "frat boys" anyway? Bubble boy you know we can't print money at will like you apparently think you can to underwrite the $200 billion being squandered away or being stolen in Iraq or to write blank checks for Katrina relief to get back on the good side of red state conservatives. He also say we should restrict our travel as he promptly flies off for another photo opportunity in Texas to somehow make us believe he actually has a clue about what the hell is happening in this country or in Iraq or anywhere. There can be little doubt that this administration has demonstrated total incompetence and a sort of “Alice in wonderland meets the Animal House” mentality when it comes to dealing with the numerous problems we find our nation facing today. John Beluchi plays Cheney in my version.

Where has this administration been for the last four plus years when it should of been moving the country towards making America energy independent? Nowhere is the answer. Not when it was a conflict with his family business ties and his buddies in the oil industry. Can you say SUV? It's the same old outmoded prehistoric vision with this bunch . The president may of been more appropriately asking for sacrifice from the American people in the direct aftermath of 9/11. But, no! Instead he told us to go shopping. Apparently they thought the oil would be flowing openly from the spoils of their "they'll be throwing flowers at our feet" war in Iraq.
We'll be lucky if have a nation by the time these people get done at the rate we're going.

And by the way. Where the f--k is Osama George?

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