Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ask your doctor (and drug company) to kiss your ass!

Isn’t everyone a little sick of the endless line of commercials, especially set around the evening news hour, asking us to “ask your doctor”? Ask our doctor what? “Doctor I feel fine, but do you think I need a pill for the “pain in my ass” I get every time I think of the drug pushing pharmacy companies and the outrages prices they charge for drugs that often have dangerous side effects or perhaps aren’t really needed. Now that be a good pill to take. I don’t know about you but I’m going to be a little cautious if and the end of the commercial they quickly add that one of the side effects is your possible death. I remind you that a jury believed this is what exactly happened when the handed down their verdict in a case against the giant drug company Merck and the drug Vioxx. It also seems that more and more of these “faulty” drugs are reaching the market today with more and more lawsuits. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the FDA is more then willing these days to allow drugs on the market that carry so many dangerous side effects. Only later to be recalled after they have wreaked havoc on the lives of the people who apparently “asked their doctor” the wrong questions. Could there be a connection between the Bush administration’s connections to these same drug companies politically? It’s also a well-known fact that most doctors are heavily influenced by drug company salesmen who win their favor with expensive perks, lobbying and free samples to pass on to their patients.

I suggest that you don’t ask your doctor. That instead you ask your elected representatives why the United States remains the only developed Western country that does not provide some sort free and comprehensive “universal health plan” for it’s citizens. The benefits of this would be enormous in that people would be able to practice “preventive medicine” instead of show up at the hospital needing emergency care for illnesses that they could not afford to go to the hospital to treat before it became an emergency. Yes, a national health plan that would help control the skyrocketing cost of drugs and medical care that we all see in this country today. Many experts and corporations now are coming around to the belief that it's imperative that America have a national health plan of some kind in the near future to control the every rising tide of healthcare costs that companies know to be one of their major labor related costs and which effects their bottom line directly. It is necessary to keep American business completive in the global market and to keep companies from “out-sourcing” their operations to the third world where they pay little of no cost related to employee health coverage. Yet the Bush Administration and medical lobby, made up of mostly insurance companies, doctors and hospitals, remain defiantly against meanful change in this area. Working people continue to suffer due to this total lack of vision on the part of our government leaders.

The last thing is that Americans need to stop getting fat and lazy. They need to have some sort of epiphany about their personal health choices, fitness and diet. Maybe this could happen if the government helped make it a national priority. Need I go into the problem with rampant obesity and other poor health indicators that we hear about almost daily? Americans have to wake up and realize that America is fast becoming one of the most drugged and unfit societies on the planet.

Rather then asking your doctor, you should ask yourself some tough questions about your government’s role and your role in staying healthy. Or better yet asking your doctor about what his position is on universal healthcare and prescription drug abuse.

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